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Children and Teens

I work with many families who have parenting concerns. As our children grow and change, our parenting styles and strategies need to keep pace. How we parent through the grade school years is not necessarily going to work through the teen years.

I love working with children. It is my belief that children and teens are all unique. They need strategies to live in today’s society. Anger management, social skills and coping skills do not come naturally for every child. They can feel more confident if they have tools for an area with which they struggle. Sometimes their school setting is not the best match for them. Let me partner with you to help them find success. Children and teens that continually feel discouraged and unsuccessfully are more likely to make poor choices.
Let’s help your child to move in a positive direction.

Teaching kids how to talk about and solve their problems is a very healthy life skill. Learning how to have family meetings will help kids feel they are part of the solution and be more willing to participate.

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