Reviews of Linda James M. ED, MS

"I wanted to go to couples counseling but my husband was reluctant. We had never been to counseling before and we were nervous about letting a stranger into our personal life. I made a deal with my husband that if he didn't like the counselor we would keep trying different ones until he felt comfortable. Right away we were both put at ease with Linda. She has a very personable and gentle style. We were surprised how much we gained from the first session and we felt a sense of hope that we would see improvement in our marriage. I wish we had started this process years ago! We were stuck in a rut but now we are moving forward."

"I started seeing Linda James in 2008. I had tried seeing several other therapists but never felt they had a good approach. It seems that many therapists just listen without giving much direction just letting their clients vent. With these individuals although I felt I could express myself I never felt I could get to the heart of matters that I was facing and truly affect change in my life. Linda's approach is entirely different. She is warm and engaging and makes her sessions interactive. She throws out her ideas and direction without being pushy and helps guide her clients in a positive way. She gives you the opportunity to feel comfortable sharing anything and everything that is on your mind and does so without being judgmental in any way. Linda goes beyond just listening and provides ideas for direction including "homework" as well as ideas to improve relationships and achieve interpersonal goals. I have been seeing Linda for less than a year and already have made tremendous strides in the areas where I was looking to focus on and improve. Linda is a fabulous therapist who balances warmth and compassion with directness and honesty and helps her clients to achieve their personal life goals. She holds me accountable in a way that is positive and motivating and which helps me be real and honest and helps me progress in a positive direction quickly. I would highly recommend Linda to anyone seeking to improve on issues in their own life or in their relationships with others."
-Maria L.

"Linda James is the counselor for my granddaughter Sophia and is a powerful presence for our family in a gentle and caring way. Our family structure has been severely challenged and there is a lot involved to help my grandchildren build a foundation that will create a sense of security and trust. I love them dearly and knew we needed professional help to address the major issues at hand. Linda is certainly an angel on this journey. Her genuine love for children is expressed from the inside out and her gentle way has opened the door for immediate comfort in her sessions with us. I have been given useful tools to use at home and Sophia is having a positive experience in what good counseling entails. Not everyone has the true "people skills" that Linda radiates naturally. We are lucky to have her."
-Barbara M.

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